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Crusaders is one of the numerous clans from the MUD Aardwolf. The MUD has grown to an enormous size over the past few years, and with it, the Temple of the Crusaders. We have created a place where travelers may take their rest and shop for needed supplies. Daily services of training, questing, healing, banking and delivery are all found within the walls of our Temple. Our Meeting of Many Paths provides convenient portals to the Jungles of Verume, Storm Mountain, War of the Wizards, Diamond Soul Revelation and the Underdark. The serenity of the gardens calms the troubled minds of all who stroll through them. The Temple is our oasis in the ever-growing world of Aardwolf and all souls are welcome to visit.

*Visit our news page for latest news on clan in the clan section.

* If you have any questions/comments about the clan or the site not answered here, please note 'Crusader' on the Personal Board.

* Temple location: "run sw" (from Recall) When you get there, "look cedric" for directions.

* Currently our temple doors are OPEN for new Applicants! See Joining Us for details.

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